Update – 11/26/2011

Several updates went in yesterday:

Photos from the Spruce Pine Benefit were added, along with a few pictures from Billy’s hospital stay – View those using the drop down menu under ‘Photographs’ in the menu.

Posters for two upcoming benefits were also added – both have a featured spot in the menu bar so check them out.

I think that is all the updates there are to date in terms of pictures and videos but thre have been a lot coming in – If you can’t find one, let us know and we will make sure it gets posted.

Thanks and keep jammin’…

5 thoughts on “Update – 11/26/2011

  1. Just got word this morning about the health issues. Wish there was more I could do than pray, but I do that these days. Get well soon. My best to the family. Be in touch; it’s been a long time – too long.

  2. Dear Billy,

    I am really enjoying helping Parham remaster some of the Sassagrass tapes. Hearing your banjo brings back memories of the good old days! Take care and get well soon, my family and the prayer team at our church is asking the Lord to help you out. I hope our prayers are answered, and we can bear witness to your miraculous recovery!


  3. Was thinking of my old friend Billy tonight, after hearing about the passing of Doug Dillard. Did an internet search and found this site. So sorry to hear of Billy’s health issues… will be praying for his recovery. Please keep me in the loop.
    And please send my love to Billy and to the whole Constable clan.

  4. a second tumor (this time malignant) has been found, and removed.
    during the surgery, billy suffered a stroke, leaving him mostly paralyzed on one side, and his vision impaired.
    he is home now, with his care being provided solely by his mother.
    he and his family need help with funding his care.
    a gofundme page has been set up for anyone wishing to help out with this very worthy cause.
    the link is…

  5. sorry…i misspoke…
    billy is NOT home, yet…as of 3-9-2015
    but, the family is trying to get him home, but is running into paperwork issues for the home care billy will need.
    they are also exploring any medical funding available for musicians.

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