Update – 11/26/2011

Several updates went in yesterday:

Photos from the Spruce Pine Benefit were added, along with a few pictures from Billy’s hospital stay – View those using the drop down menu under ‘Photographs’ in the menu.

Posters for two upcoming benefits were also added – both have a featured spot in the menu bar so check them out.

I think that is all the updates there are to date in terms of pictures and videos but thre have been a lot coming in – If you can’t find one, let us know and we will make sure it gets posted.

Thanks and keep jammin’…

Update – November 19, 2011

Here is a comment that came in on November 15th from Richard Davenport:


I talked with Billy today, 11/15/11. He was out with his mother, Lois, who was doing the driving. He is doing well recovering from surgery. He is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from his friends and even those he has never met. He said he was able to pick a little but couldn’t “get down on it” like he could before. Please continue to pray for Billy and his complete recovery.


Three videos from the Spruce Pine Benefit held on November 12th, 2011 were added to the Video page.



Update – October 31, 2011

This just came in as a comment – Figured it would be information that everyone would want to know:


Update on Bill. I talked with his brother Andy who advised the surgery went well according to the doctors. Billy is moving about and had lunch yesterday with his family. Won’t know the status of the tumor for a week or so. Not sure when he will be released to come home.

If you are interested in more information on the Benefit coming up in Spruce Pine on the 12th call Jody at 828.766.0551

Benefit updates

Information for 2 upcoming benefits has been added to the site.

If anyone has additional information – Times, details, phone numbers, etc.  Please send them along and they will be added as they come in.

Update – October 23, 2011

Some new tracks have been added to the Audio page and a new YouTube link to the Video page.

We have also received information about some benefits that are being arranged.  I would like to give each of those a page on the site so anyone that is interested will have a spot to get information and also have a page they can send folks to that might be in that geographical area.

I will be putting up a first take at as many of these as we have information for but please feel free to send in additional information as it becomes available as we will be glad to share it.

Up and running

This web site is dedicated to raising funds to offset medical expenses for one of the best musicians anyone has ever had the pleasure to share a stage with, listen to or record with.

Billy has been diagnosed with a lump on the lower portion of his brain which has been causing increasingly frequent seizures.  He is currently seeing medical specialists and gathering evaluations.  The expense is certain to be high, and Billy is without medical insurance.  We are coming together here, as friends and fellow musicians, to help offset those costs.

You can leave comments on the pages and posts here – The first one you leave will be delayed until your email address gets registered in the database – after that you can leave comments any time you like.  The delay is in place to prevent the site from being overrun by spam.

Please direct any questions you might have at this point to Dave Ruch at the email address shown in the sidebar above the donation button.