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  1. Billy…. my incredibly talented precious Billy! My healing prayers are with you. May you soon be on the road to recovery and back to pickin” and grinnin” ! Keith and I will be doing all we can at the benefit in Spruce Pine, Sat. Nov 12 . Love you very much…Cheech

  2. What a dear sweet person Billy is…a Special Friend, and animal lover!
    He is devoted to Bluegrass and we need more time to hear him. Duke Hospital and Dr, Friedman went ahead so that things would go well for Billy. Please help.
    I am bidding on Robert Levin’s beautiful blown glass.

  3. i used to watch billy play at the banjo cafe in santa monica california.i had visited him at his house a few times in ocean side california.well i was visiting andy mostly but i loved to here them sit in there home and amazed me at how they could not even practice for a long time and still pick up there instruments and play.this family treated me like i was family when i stayed with dad bill used to hang out t the banjo cafe as well(bowtie bill) .because he made his tips into bowties.i will continue to pray for billy.and thank him for me for treating my family so sure he had closer friends but he was good to us.

  4. Long time since Long Beach, LA and Hollywood. How’s Andy & EVal? Hope u are doing well after your surgery. I have had people tell me they believe they could still hear you guys playing in the stairwell in the El Cajon apartments we all lived in with Linda. Terrie passed several years ago. She sure loved u. I’m 70 and have been working at the same job for 15 years helping homeless families. I would like to buy some of your music. Tell me how. May God bless and keep u. The Hag aka the bluegrass bag lady. Laurie

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